IAABO Board 60

Rochester District Basketball Officials

Board 60

The History of Board 60

The history of Board 60 began in Rochester in 1921. Their first title was "The Rochester District Board of Approved Officials of the National Board." At that time, most basketball officiating groups were associated with the YMCA, the AAU, and the NCAA.

The Board's first president was Dr. Edwin Fauver, who was a professor and a coach at the university of Rochester. The UR Football Stadium was named in his honor. His presidency ran from 1921-1945. There were 38 members in the original board and members stretched from Syracuse to Niagara Falls. Current President Dale Trott is the 18th president of Board 60.

Board 60 has long been recognized by IAABO for excellent training of officials and the consistent production of quality officials who have moved onto successful college careers. The "switch system" (the early two men officiating technique) was originated by Board 60 in 1942 at the Central YMCA in Rochester. That same year, they began the Clinic Program. It was the first Board to initiate a training program for new members.

This board is also responsible for establishing a continuing training program for its varsity members. They established the foundations for the New York State Five Point Program, which emphasizes instruction and improvement through meetings, tests, and on the floor demonstrations.

Membership has remained fairly constant over the past twenty-five years. Current varsity memberships exceed 115 members and there are 75 young men and women in the Clinic Program.